Old Art, New Approach

The Swiss-Libyan Art Project is an attempt by Jörg Mollet (visual artist, Solothurn) and Aurel Schmidt (writer, Basel) to make a connection between stone-age rock paintings in the Messak Desert and modern-age Libya.
We are impressed by Rock Art at which we’re looking with an artistic, and not with a paleontological eye. Our aiming at networking of prehistoric works of art with works by contemporary Lybian artists and graffiti in the Medina of Tripolis also offers an opportunity to use the potentialities of the Internet.

Photography*: Jörg Mollet
Texts*: Aurel Schmidt
© with the authors unless otherwise noted

Patronage of the Swiss and
Libyan UNESCO Commissions

Unesco UNESCO-Patronage 2 (PDF 164KB) 
Project Support (PDF 716KB) 
Patronage 2007 (PDF 42KB) 

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